Kratom Drug Test

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Over the years, Kratom has been gaining popularity in the United States. You can agree with me that indeed Kratom is surrounded by controversies. There is no doubt that numerous people use this drug as a replacement for hard opioids such as heroin. It has raised many questions. Does it have the same effect as a drug? Can it be addictive? Can this substance be detected in a drug test?

What FDA and DEA Stance On Kratom

FDA has been heightening its regulations on the distribution of Kratom for a long time. People have been subjected to the risk of losing their career once it has been detected in the body. On the other hand, DEA has been identified as a substance of concern. It has numerous harmful effects when taken.

Is there anything wrong about this substance? Here are some crucial things you need to know about different types of drug tests.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your Body

The exact duration that Kratom will remain in the body has not been proved. In fact, there have been very few studies concerning Kratom. It makes it quite challenging to understand how long does Kratom stay in one’s system. In most cases, it will last for 12 hours. Also, further research has shown that this substance will last longer. The duration depends on how often you use the substance.

Factors That Determine How Long Kratom Stays In Your System

1. AGE

There is no doubt that age directly affects how long this substance remains in the system. If you are 65 years and above, you have a higher metabolism. On the other hand, younger people have a higher metabolism.

2. Body Fat Percentage

Being a fat-soluble substance, this means that all its metabolites will end up getting trapped in the body fat. What does it mean? You will retain lots of Kratom if you have a high body fat percentage.

Does Kratom Show Up In Drug Test?

While the good news is that it shows up on the NIDA-5, the bad news is that some well-known laboratories are using panel drug tests that mainly specializes in looking for Kratom. You will be in a position to know if you have been subjected to this drug in the past. In most cases, you are advised by your employer to take some samples that prove you have not taken this substance in the past.…

The best supplements and medications for Kratom withdrawal

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Kratom is a very beneficial herb. It helps us in many different ways. Kratom gives us high levels of energy. It enhances our confidence level and makes us feel well being. It generates feelings of euphoria. It gives us relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Kratom increases our tolerance level. It helps us to focus and concentrate. It makes us more active and alert. Kratom makes us feel happy and pleased. It is an officially permitted method for receiving high effects. When a person is getting this much benefits from Kratom he becomes an addict to it. The addiction may be minor to major. In some cases, the user cannot live a single day without Kratom.’

Kratom addiction:

Kratom addiction is not very common. It usually depends upon or method of taking Kratom or our dose. Sometimes, we use the wrong methods which make us addict and dependent. The reason for this is that some people take Kratom more than one time per day or on a daily basis. As a result Kratom becomes a part of their daily routine. In other cases, maybe we are taking a high dose of Kratom which makes us addict and dependent on it. The reason is that high dose develops tolerance level towards Kratom. After developing tolerance we desire to take more and more dose of it to get the same effects. In this way, we get addicted to it.

Kratom side effects of high dose:

The major side effect of taking Kratom at high dose is the addiction of Kratom. Apart from addiction, it may cause some other side effects which may be minor or major. These side effects are high blood pressure, constipation, irritation, allergy, hyper activeness or dizziness, muscles pain and sweating. To avoid these side you should avoid the high dose of Kratom.

Treatments for Kratom withdrawal:

If you become addicted to Kratom then you should stop using it. Withdrawal of Kratom is not that much easy or difficult. The most important thing is your motivation. If you are motivated then you can withdraw Kratom easily. Some supplements and medications can also help you in the withdrawal of Kratom.

  • Supplements for Kratom withdrawal:

Below mentioned supplements can surely help you in the withdrawal of Kratom. You can take help from them if you have decided to withdraw Kratom use.

  • Agmatine Sulphate
  • Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavin
  • N-Acetyl-Carnitine
  • Medications for Kratom withdrawal:

The following medicine may also help us with the withdrawal of Kratom.

  • Ashwagandha
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan
  • Black cumin seed oil
  • Bacopa
  • Grapefruit
  • Phenibut

Always take any medicine or supplement by taking proper advice from the doctor. Do not use any medicine own your own.


If you become addicted to Kratom then you should immediately quit the use of it. You should stay strong and motivated to overcome the symptoms of Kratom withdrawal. You can help yourself. Take precautions and guidelines from your doctor as well.…